Get Fit With Boot Camp Workouts in Ramona

Not just for masochists, boot camp workouts have legions of devotees. Find out what you might gain from trying one out in Ramona.

Having the best of intentions has never been equated with having the best of bodies—or even less flabby ones. So many of us have unused or infrequently used gym memberships, and even for those of us who do make it to the gym, we often lose a mental struggle with ourselves to stay on the treadmill for a full workout or complete that last set of reps.

So what’s a person to do who wants to get in better shape but needs more motivation to do it? Well, that’s where boot camp comes in.

Ramona may be small, but that doesn't mean there's not enough room for boot camp.

Ramona Fitness Center offers up a boot camp every Saturday morning where, according to their website, you'll be pushed "past plateaus, challenge yourself and condition yourself like never before."

  • Where: 558 Main St.
  • When: 8 a.m. every Saturday
  • What: Warm up, Dynamic Warmup, Strength, Speed, Reaction, Stretch and Motivational Word. "Drill sargeants" will lead the group through a workout that will keep you coming back for more the next week.
  • Cost: $60 a month to attend the boot camps weekly, plus $49 monthly membership. An employee at Ramona Fitness said that when signing up for the boot camps, you commit to six months of paying—more motivation!

By now, we've all heard of the CrossFit craze. The workout is in and of itself a boot camp. CrossFit Brand X on Maple Street will whip you into shape this year for good.

  • Where: 432 Maple Street, Suite 1.
  • When: Class times vary. Call 760-788-8091 for schedule.
  • What: CrossFit workouts are like a high intensity boot camp (as if boot camps weren't intense enough!). They will help improve agility, coordination, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Even kids can get in on the action!
  • Cost: Standard rates are $135 per month for first adult, rates will vary due to specials, family groups and LEO/ Mil discounts. Members can attend classes as often as they like.

Originating on the West Coast around 15 years ago, boot camp workouts have recently made their way to the East Coast and around the globe. While they may have originally appealed to athletes and hard-core fitness enthusiasts, there are now boot camps for people of all fitness levels.

Part of their wider appeal is that they offer a perpetually fresh experience outside the gym. This is key for folks who bore easily, as well as those who just don’t feel comfortable in a traditional gym.

Lindsay Vastola, editor of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine and the owner of Body Project Boot Camp, a New Jersey-based boot camp company with three locations, describes boot camp as “personal training meets group fitness.” Boot camp instructors are usually more invested in each student's performance than instructors in a gym-based fitness class are.

Most boot camps are based on interval and circuit training and attendees can normally expect a challenging mix of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training using their own body weight, and stretching, Vastola says.

Boot camps are appealing for a number of reasons, including:

  • Effectiveness: Plain and simple, boot camps work. Typically lasting an hour per session, they combine cardiovascular exercise with resistance training. Instructors tailor the exercises to individuals’ abilities, so that everyone is appropriately and safely challenged. Participants can burn an average of 600 calories per hour!
  • Accountability: Because many boot camps run for a set number of sessions (e.g. two sessions a week for four weeks), trainers expect the same members to show up class after class. Depending on the boot camp, instructors may follow up with absent students to encourage them to return. There’s also a sense of owing it to the other participants to show up to class.
  • Camaraderie: Students participating in multiple sessions together get to know each other and support each other through the grueling workouts. Peter Lavelle, co-owner of Ultimate Bootcamp (which has 14 locations throughout New England), says that participants in his camps often become friendly, in part thanks to partner exercises and a group survival mentality. They may go on ski trips together, meet up at bars, and sign up for additional boot camp sessions together.
  • Cost: The cost of running a boot camp is typically fairly low, given that they require little in the way of equipment, and often make use of public spaces like parks or playgrounds (although an increasing number of camps are now available indoors and thus year-round). This means that the cost to students is relatively low as well, especially when compared to that of personal training sessions. Boot camp classes usually cost around $15 to $20 per class, but may cost anywhere from $5 to $30+ per class, depending on the location, length and frequency of the program.

Before joining a boot camp:

  • Consider what kind of training you’re interested in. Does being yelled at by a pseudo-drill sergeant motivate you? Or do you prefer a more supportive and encouraging environment?
  • Do your research. Look for a reputable program that will meet your individual needs, and confirm that the boot camp instructor has proper certification.
  • Ask if it’s possible to check out a trial class. Many programs offer a free trial or an a la carte class to potential participants.

For DIY boot camp workout ideas, check out these links:

Sarah January 04, 2013 at 02:44 AM
CrossFit BrandX has changed my life in so many ways. Before joining Crossfit I had no athletic background whatsoever! I couldn't even do one push up. I started with scaled (modified) workouts until I got stronger. The trainers are there to motivate you but keep you safe at the same time. With their help and the encouragement I've received from fellow members I've accomplished things I never thought I could do. My kids love going to the CrossFit Kids classes and are learning early in life that fitness can be fun...it's really setting them up for a healthy and happy life. I even got the hubby to join after I did and after years of going to the gym he's never been in better shape than he is now, after doing Crossfit for 8 months. We've made great friendships and have changed our lives for the better. I highly recommend CrossFit BrandX to anyone looking to live a better quality of life.
Shanna Martinez January 04, 2013 at 02:53 AM
I love the Fit Groups, Small Groups and Bootcamps at Ramona Fitness Center. I enjoy the skill and knowledge of the instructors and how they can have a variety of fitness levels in their group from novice to advanced and orchestrate a wonderful and safe workout for everyone. After an embarrassingly long hiatus from fitness, I started off with Fit Group training and was uncomfortable being the new kid on the block. Right away, that feeling passed. My coach did very well instructing a variety of fitness levels. It didn't matter I didnt have the stamina or the skills as the "regular attendees". My stamina improved and I was taught the skills I needed to improve. I also like that in many instances, the coaches provide nutrition coaching as well as a designed program for the workouts in between the group workouts. There are a lot of great choices in this little town of Ramona.
Kori Truesdale January 04, 2013 at 03:54 AM
I've been to all three of the places mentioned and there are all great for different people. There's even a new option in town that specializes in personal goals and small group training. It's called Hidden Strength Fitness. hiddenstrengthfitness.com for more info.
Clint Sparks January 04, 2013 at 04:59 AM
I love the staff and team members at Ramona Fitness. They can only be described as extremely professional and always happy to see you. I LOVE the fit group classes which are absolutely the best! When I first started going I noticed everyone knew my name before I knew theirs. They truly want to see you succeed and it is the best place to improve yourself and invest in a better life.
Sifu Dan January 04, 2013 at 09:24 PM
This is good to see just one person get off the couch and do something. Kudos to everyone trying to do the right thing. I would love to see Ramona get on the map as the fittest county around. So for all of you looking to fulfill a resolution, become more fit, or just want to be independent and take care of yourself, remember fitness needs to be a priority. Fitness needs to be first!


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