Q&A: Hanson Elementary Fast Facts

Learn some quick facts about the local elementary school from the new principal.

Hanson Elementary is welcoming a new principal this year who looks forward to focusing on student achievement.

The school, which will cater to more than 500 students, sits at 2520 Boundary Ave. Here's an inside look at the year ahead with the new principal, Chris Gunnett:

Patch: Does your school have any changes in leadership?

Principal Gunnett: Yes, the new Principal is Christopher Gunnett. I'm a Ramona resident of 41 years and product of the RUSD system. I have taught in Ramona for 13 years at Mt. Woodson and was an administrator in Chula Vista for five years.

Patch: Does your school have any new teachers?

Principal Gunnett: Currently there are no new teachers joining the staff this year.

Patch: What special events or programs do you plan at your school for 2012-2013?

P.G.: Hanson will have several events this year. The Monster MASH will take place in October for the students and families. The Running Club will be ongoing throughout the year to promote fitness and healthy bodies. 

Patch: How many students do you expect at your school?

P.G.: Hanson expects to have 550 students this coming school year.

Patch: Does your school have any physical changes, such as new/remodeled buildings or major equipment?

P.G.: No physical changes or remodels this year. Hanson was built six years ago and remains in fabulous shape thanks to our custodians and maintenance department.

Patch: What's changed at your school this year that parents and students should know about?

P.G.: A new principal and a focus on student achievement for our students.

Patch: Who are your PTA leaders, and what special projects do they have planned? How can parents get involved?

P.G.: Molly Whalen is the PTA president for 2012-2013.  Call 760-787-2120 for additional information or visit the website.

Hiking Mon August 07, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Great to see Mr. Gunnet back in town! We sorely missed him at Mt. Woodson. Good Luck in the upcoming school year!
Cynthia August 07, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Hanson Lane you are VERY lucky to have Mr. Gunnet as your principle!! He is an AMAZING teacher, person, and all around great guy! He taught my son at Mt. Woodson and every year parents would REQUEST him for their childs' teacher! RCS and other schools around that area might want to "model" their school after Principle Gunnets! Great job Mr. G! I always knew someday you'd be a principle :o)


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