Water Authority Will Give Desal Presentation to Water Board Oct. 23

The water board will be briefed on the highly-debated water desal plant set for Carlsbad.

The San Diego County Water Authority will give the Ramona water board a presentation on the proposed desalination at next week's meeting, Ramona Municipal Water District General Manager David Barnum told Patch Wednesday.

Barnum said that Director of Water Resources for the County Water Authority Ken Weinberg, who spoke in Carlsbad last week on the project, will be in Ramona on Oct. 23 to present the water board with additional information.

Weinberg will be on the agenda at the 2 p.m. meeting in the community center and Barnum invites everyone to come listen and learn about the project that the water authority says will price water at an estimated $2,042 to $2,290 per acre-foot in 2012 dollars, depending on how much water is purchased annually.

The plant will affect Ramona Municipal Water District customers, since water for the town is bought through the county. The water board reviewed an information item on the desal project, headed by private developer Poseidon Resources, on Aug. 28.

The board voted on a presentation from the county water authority at the Oct. 9 meeting.

If approved, the desalination project would raise the average household’s water bill by about $5 to $7 a month by 2016 to pay for the new supply, the water authority said.


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