It's The (Book)End of the World!

Show off your worldly self with these cool bookends from Charlotte's Antiques.

Ramona sure does love antiques.

There are plenty of options for choosing a store to go "antiquing" in. And if you haven't jumped on to the whole "antiquing" train yet, well, Patch is here to help.

I love antique shops. You can swipe some pretty cool finds you wouldn't otherwise see. So I decided, why not feature some of the cool items here on Patch? It might give your curiosity that kick it needs to finally walk into that antique shop and check out the goods.

Each week, I'll feature a fun item on Patch that I find in one of the antique stores. All finds are completely random and just for fun. They may also end up on future Christmas and birthday lists of mine...

First up is a set of decorative bookends for all you bookworms out there. I have more than enough binded pages to stick in between these worldy guys!

  • What? Globe bookends (they even spin!).
  • Where? Charlotte's Antiques at 964 Main St.
  • How much? $26 for the pair.

Have you made a cool purchase at one of our local antique shops? Upload a photo of your fun find by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" under the picture!

DEBBIE SNAVELY January 07, 2013 at 04:13 PM
love it!! thanks melissa.


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