Before There Were Computers: A Writer's Antique

This piece of writing memorabilia might be fun to display in a home office.

Ah, QWERTY never looked so antique!

I went into Squash Blossom Trading Co. a few months ago and found a really cool old typewriter for just $30. I didn't buy it (saving up on Christmas funds!) and am really regretting it. It's since been purchased.

However, the fun antique store still has a typewriter available for purchase—and it comes in its own case!

It's a Smith-Corona Skywriter circa 1950s. It's completely portable and a great statement piece to an office.

As an avid writer (in case you didn't know), I would love to swipe this piece up and add it to my (currently non-existent) collection of typewriters.

It's absolutely endearing and a reminder of how far we've come in technology! Any other writers here who have a special place in their heart for the old-fashioned way of typing?

  • What? Smith-Corona Skywriter typewriter.
  • Where? Squash Blossom Trading Company at 746 Main St.
  • How much? $45.

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Have you made a cool purchase at the Squash Blossom Trading Company? Upload a photo of your fun find by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" under the picture!


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