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Woody Kirkman is a fifth generation citizen of Ramona. His ancestors first moved to San Diego County in the late 1800’s.  Starting in his boyhood, Woody had the great experience of working in his family’s store, Woodward's Feed & Supply, which was founded by his grandfather in the late 1940’s.  For more than 10 years he was in charge of purchasing, merchandising, and advertising for the Hardware division. One of the many product lines the store handled was kerosene lamps and lanterns, which led to Woody's fascination with the pre-electric era technology. While in High School, Woody began what has become one of the most definitive collections of Dietz kerosene lanterns in the world. After it was decided to close the family store in 1995, Woody founded W.T. Kirkman Lanterns and LanternNet.com.  Over the years he and his wife Dawn have expanded the business to become home to the most complete selection of new lanterns and replacement parts.  At first an outside firm was employed to design and operate lanternnet website, but it quickly became evident that it was necessary for Woody to learn web design.  Since then W.T. Kirkman Lanterns and the Lanternnet website has become a source utilized by preppers, collectors, motion picture companies, theme parks, restaurants, and set decorators.  Woody has also served as a Trustee of the Ramona Town Hall since 1985. 
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