Angie Brenner
 Freelance writer, Angie Brenner, is the West Coast Editor and regular contributor to the online magazine, Wild River Review, www.wildriverreview.com, covering international topics, authors, current events, and political issues. In addition, she works at a two-room elementary school near her home, often educating students about the culture and traditions of people from foreign lands.  
Brenner left the security of a managerial job in the Health Care industry in 1986 to start a unique travel planning service, Journeys by Angie, where she created personalized travel itineraries for clients. In1988 she bought and operated a travel bookstore, Word Journeys, in Del Mar, CA. For nearly ten years, Brenner learned the publishing business first-hand. By attending trade shows such as the annual American Booksellers Association convention and working directly with authors to promote books she kept a pulse on the market, especially travel literature. She nurtured her inner travel bibliophile by buying, selling, and reading travel literature.  It is safe to say that she's exceptionally knowledgeable in the travel literature book market. Running Word Journeys allowed Brenner to learn the marketing business first-hand. Educated in Business Management, she immediately put her skills to work and began marketing her book business and published a monthly newsletter for a growing number of customers.  She wrote press releases to help market in-store lectures, and presented slide shows focusing on literature, food, music, and crafts of other countries. She also gave packing demonstrations, which won her recognition in the Wall Street Journal and a feature in a San Diego television news segment. She lectured frequently on all aspects of travel at travel agent meetings, women's clubs, and at annual corporate meetings. Her love of travel spurred her to delve into other travel markets by organizing specialty tours like the Whirling Dervish ceremony in Konya, Turkey.  She also created a line of travel clothing, including a patented jacket design. She has traveled extensively through Africa, Turkey, Ecuador, and Vietnam bringing back both hair-raising and humorous stories.  In 1997 she closed her store in order to travel and write. Brenner is due to publish her first book:  Anatolian Days and Nights: Our Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses, and Saints. She has written articles about Turkey for regional papers; and facilitates travel literature reading groups at chain and independent bookstores, and libraries in southern California and Oregon. An active board member of her local library, and certified yoga instructor, Brenner lives, writes, and facilitates weekly yoga class in Julian, California in the San Diego backcountry. .
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