Young Burn Survivors Enjoy Camp in Ramona, Coronado

Burn camp survivors left the quite wilderness of Ramona for a day of fun in the sun in Coronado.

Campers from all over the country came to Ramona for a with a special trip to the Crown Cove Aquatic Center in Coronado las week.

Camp Beyond the Scars, sponsored by the Burn Institute, consisted of a six-day retreat held at Oakbridge Camp near Ramona July 31-Aug. 5.

More than 70 children kayaked, swam and enjoyed a day at the beach. 

Perry Peake, the battallion chief for the Coronado Fire Department, came out to support and help out for the day.

“Almost half of the firefighters came out on their day off to volunteer for camp,” Peake said.

Sixteen Coronado firefighters enjoyed a beach day, including Jason Clements.

“We all just wanna have a lot of fun,” Peake said.

Jolinda August 08, 2012 at 03:51 PM
This was a great interview. I commend the young man who was willing to speak out and be seen, even if only to comment about his experience with the camp. The more these people are brought back into the mainstream, the better for everybody. Years ago any type of handicap was shut away but now we are coming to terms with the fact that our world has all kinds of people in it, with all different experiences and who look very different from each other. I'm sure that people stare at burn survivers, because we all tend to stare at things that are unfamiliar to us, but as soon as they connect with the PERSON behind the physical appearance, to understand the world a little through that person's eyes, they can then get past what that person looks like. All members of our society are important and these young people have a courage that is commendable and definitely a positive influence in the world around them. I hope to see more of them in and around Ramona.


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