Ramona Kindergarten Teacher Removes Pants During Recess

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

It is uncertain if a teacher who removed her pants while at James Duke Elementary School during recess will return to the classroom on Monday. The name of the educator has not been formally released.

10News reported that a grandparent of a student at the school said school officials claimed the teacher “suffered some sort of seizure.”

The news station said Ramona Unified School District Superintendent Robert Graeff confirmed the incident happened, but that “at no time were any students in danger.” And added that the teacher would not return until “she’s fit for duty.”

10News also reported that parents of children at the school received the following recorded message on their telephones:
"Good afternoon, James Dukes families and staff. This is Principal Harris and I am calling with an important message. I would like to take a moment to clarify details from an incident that happened in a secluded area of the campus during recess on Thursday. One of our female, primary grade teachers was battling illness where she became confused and disoriented, resulting in the staff member temporarily removing a piece of her clothing. This incident was not typical of her behavior and was only witnessed by a few students. The teacher received medical attention immediately and students remained calm at all times. Although a specific date is not yet certain, the teacher does plan to return to work once her medical needs are addressed satisfactorily. Please be assured that your students' safety, and the safety of the staff, is my first priority. Like you, I am proud to be a part of the Coyote pack and as always, I am available if you have any concerns."

Just.A.Concerned.Citizen February 24, 2014 at 02:16 PM
Voice, you're right! He's a believer, not a thinker! Looks like tracy is, too. So, let's legislate and regulate all possible forms of medical illness so that no one, anywhere, at any time should be allowed in public, especially around children, in the remotest possible chance that they may have a medical condition that may render them incapable of perfectly rational and coherent action or thought. That way Max and tracy (and their children) will be safe from anyone who may have asthma, a food allergy, diabetes, epilepsy, or PMS among so many, many more maladies.
VoiceInThe Desert February 24, 2014 at 03:43 PM
VoiceInThe Desert February 24, 2014 at 03:45 PM
And Tracy.....where was the name-calling? (didn't think so!)
John Vollmar February 28, 2014 at 06:06 PM
It's over Tracy. You lost. Reason won. Face it.
Max Max March 09, 2014 at 10:55 PM
When it comes to helpless children no one can be to careful. There is no way to prove this woman had a seizure unless she had electrodes attached to her head and was being monitored during the incident. How many female teachers are going to rape our innocent underage sons and force them into being fathers before something is done? If this woman has a problem that causes her to be demented and expose her sexual organs then she has no business being around children. Lots of people have medical problems heart attacks, allergies, diabetes but it does not cause them to remove their clothing and subject innocent children to their sexual organs. There is no damn way if someone is going to take leave of their senses and expose themselves that children could be safe. She has a problem that prevents her from being safe around children. I only care about how the children feel about what this teacher subjected them to. The teacher is a grown woman and can deal with her own issues. PERIOD!


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