Q&A: Barnett Elementary Fast Facts

Learn some quick facts about the local elementary school from the new principal.

Barnett Elementary, like , is welcoming a new principal this year who looks forward to focusing on higher levels of student achievement.

The school, which will cater to just under 500 students, sits at 23925 Couna Way in San Diego Country Estates. Here's an inside look at the year ahead with the new principal, Linda Ball:

Patch: Does your school have any changes in leadership?

Principal Linda Ball: I'm the new principal this year. I have been a staff member in the district since 1985, have taught at Hanson, Mt. Woodson and Ramona Elementary, and have most recently served as a Teacher-on-Assignment.

I'm looking forward to working with the staff and families and moving Barnett into higher levels of student achievement.

Patch: Does your school have any new teachers?

Principal Ball: Although Barnett said farewell to many beloved teachers and staff last year, we welcome several new, experienced staff members from around the district who will join us in our journey to improve student learning and bring a new perspective to enhance our efforts in building success for all students. Our new staff members include:

  • Linda Ball, principal
  • Laura Vigneau, principal's secretary
  • Holly Bisbikis, kindergarten teacher
  • Goldie Kakacek, first grade teacher
  • Susan Stanfield, second grade teacher
  • Dan Wise, fourth grade teacher
  • Victoria Barlow, fourth and fifth grade teacher
  • Adriana Soltero, sixth grade teacher

Patch: How many students do you expect at your school?

P.B.: We'll have just under 500 students at Barnett this year.

Patch: Does your school have any physical changes, such as new/remodeled buildings or major equipment?

P.B.: Denise Drum and Breeanna Purcell, on the Playground Planning Committee of our PTA, have put a lot of work into researching, planning, budgeting and seeking funds for building a new playground for the students of Barnett and the Ramona community.

The plan is to build the project in two phases with the goal to have phase one in place this school year.

Patch: Who are your PTA leaders, and what special projects do they have planned? How can parents get involved?

P.B.: Barnett has tremendous parent support and many opportunities to get involved. Many of the parent involvement efforts are coordinated and supported by the PTA.

Sherry Browning is the PTA president this year. Anyone interested in becoming involved should call the school office 760-787-3500 and we will put you in touch with the right person and activity.

Visit Barnett Elementary's website for more information about the school.


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