SR 67 Is a Problem and the Problem Needs to Be Addressed

SR 67 needs a central barrier of some type, whether that be a K-rail or a middle lane between cars traveling in opposite directions.

Caltrans has identified our particular stretch of roadway as a safety corridor: daytime headlights, radar speed signs and double-yellow lines with rumble strips have increased safety. The reduction in fatal collisions is documented, but preventable fatalities continue to occur.

, it is time to move to the engineering aspects of the solution. Options for our local stretch of SR 67 include returning the highway to one travel lane in each direction and allow absolutely no passing.

An unpopular option, but stretches from Adelanto to Kramer Junction (29 miles) have one lane in both directions with the same center divide line as we have—double yellow, reflective pavement markers and rumble strips—and no-passing posted.

When they do have a passing lane, it is on a straight section of road. Unfortunately,  SR 67 lacks this physical specification as a curvy mountain road and, with wide shoulders, most cars end up passing on the right side (shoulder) when vehicles slow to turn left.

Slowing down the speed limit on the entire road is another unpopular option. Bernoulli’s principle seems to be present with the change from two lanes to one lane as drivers speed up to get one car ahead. At least slow down the traffic around curves as you would on any curvy road.

Reducing speed on curves with a yellow flashing light to warn drivers seems to be missing from our section of highway.

A third option is to design two lanes in both directions and include a buffering middle lane to be utilized as needed.

SR 67 needs a central barrier of some type, whether that be a K-Rail or a middle lane that is primarily a buffer between cars traveling in opposite directions. For emergency reasons—CHP, fire, paramedics and evacuation in the event of fire—a middle lane that has flexibility for egress seems best suited.

Additionally, left-turn lanes and multiple driveways could be practically accommodated with a “middle lane buffer” design. The design of the middle lane buffer would vary as its role changes. Flexible, post-mounted reflectors can be installed to denote space not to be occupied by a vehicle for turning purposes.

Another consideration is wildlife and a middle lane buffer that would permit road crossings for most animals in our area. K-rails would not.

I believe this option is the best for our area. I would include the reduced speed limit on curves with a flashing yellow light, too. With respect to Caltrans, SANDAG and the CHP, there are no “bad guys” – SR 67 is a problem and the problem needs to be worked.

I have spoken with many people in the community who are representing Ramona at the various agencies with jurisdiction over SR 67. Unfortunately, a few have expressed defeat over the entire issue and suggest effort toward improving this highway is wasted at this time.

Giving up ensures failure. Reducing accidents on SR 67 is a process that has demonstrated a need for continued promotion and advocacy. This is a critical safety issue for Ramona.

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Joe Cahak June 14, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Clariece while public transportation in many cities is a good thing, it just won't work for Ramona. We do not have, nor are likely to get a system in Ramona that will get the majority of us to work and back in a timely manner. We've had trouble even keeping the NCT bus as it has never been economically feasible and they have wanted to end it for years.
Terri Linnell June 24, 2012 at 07:17 PM
They absolutely need to widen to 4 lanes and put in turn lanes from Archie Moore to Dye Rd. To go from 2 lanes down to one directly after a major curve is stupidity. I was always slamming on my breaks if I forget it's near rush hour. I tend to use Archie Moore to bypass the congestion. Not that it's faster, but it's safer than the stop and go in my opinion. Woody is right. They need to start letting the voters GET what they vote for. After all, it's our money, we voted to use it to fix things, and the county ignores our wishes, like we don't know the real problems and they do.
Long-time Ramona Resident June 25, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Thank you! This is a huge part of the problem. I want to place signs all along the 67 from Ramona which say "The speed limit is 55!!! Not 35 or 45!!!" This causes road rage to be stuck behind such an ignorant, inconsiderate person who won't even pull over when there is a mile of cars behind them. The road is not inherently unsafe, and does not need to be changed at all. Highway 67 is safely driven at 55 to 65. People who drive too slow or too fast are the problem, and always have been.
Clariece Tally June 25, 2012 at 08:33 PM
I think that's the issue for all "rural" route buses. I'm not sure a viable express service is realistic at this point. The assumption being you can get to Poway/Sabre Springs or Escondido transit centers.
Clariece Tally June 25, 2012 at 08:35 PM
I don't think anyone will argue the two to four lane widening. And that 4 to 2 lane sweep is a nightmare going into Ramona. But it's just not going to happen anytime soon -no matter how high you pile the bodies or how much we all stamp our feet.


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