Water Board Accepts Gift of More Than $500 From Sunset Marine

Money for "vessel" improvements was accepted by the water board at Tuesday's meeting.

The Ramona water board voted 4-0, in favor of the Ramona Municipal Water District accepting a monetary donation from Sunset Marine at Tuesday's bi-monthly meeting at the Ramona Senior Center. Director Kit Kesinger was absent.

The $532.09 donation was given by the service center who performed repairs to district-owned vessels back in July. Sunset Marine wanted to show their support to the Ramona residents by donating the services performed at no cost to the water district.

Mike Callahan, human resources manager for the district, asked the water board to accept the donation and expressed his gratitude toward Sunset Marine.

"I'm grateful they're willing to do that," Callahan said of the donation at the meeting. "I'd like the water board to thank them publicly for their donations."

David Barnum, general manager of the water district jokingly said he hopes donations of services like this "become a trend."

Water Superintendent John Brean said the money donated was for repairs of an aluminum boat used in Lake Ramona and sometimes Lake Sutherland.

"[The boat] is used in the inspection of Lake Ramona to control the sidelines of the lake," Brean said. "And we use it to check out the flotation devices."

Board treasurer Joe Zenovic thanked Sunset Marine publicly for their generosity.

"I think it's great Sunset Marine wants to come forward and donate," he said.

Though the donation of $500 may seem small, President Bryan Wadlington said every little bit helps.

Sunset Marine is an active member in the Ramona Chamber of Commerce and the company's founder is a longtime resident of the town.


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