Trees Versus Signs on Main Street

After a couple of businesses mentioned people can't see their signs well enough, Patch set out to learn more about the trees on Main.

When pioneers established downtown Ramona, shade was certainly an issue. It was so important to them that they came out with their families and pulled buckets of water on little wagons to keep the colonnade of eucalyptus trees at the west end of town alive.

Some things don't change a lot — like summer in Ramona.

Heatwaves still send residents looking for cover, a swimming hole or a swimming pool.

But at least a couple of small businesses on Main Street have expressed to Patch that trees or awnings might be blocking their window signs from view of potential customers.

One asked — "Who owns and maintains the trees, and can we trim them?"

The answer is that CalTrans has jurisdiction over any tree on Main Street because it's a state highway, according to and a CalTrans source.

"Cal Trans has the ultimate say on any tree on (Highway) 67," Craig Jung, the chamber executive director said. "But (Ramona) Tree Trust does the maintenance on them — except the trees on Main between 7th and 8th. We do those. There is a watering system in place purchased by CalTrans and I use it to water those trees. I just had five trees trimmed on that block because of concerns about signs."

Business owners can call the chamber with any questions.


Another way to beat the heat is to grab an iced coffee or lemonade.

Anthony Daniels, co-owner of , a drive-through coffee place on Main Street, reports that his peak business is at 7 a.m.

"People come here before they drive down the hill to work," he said.

The Ol' Cup O Joe is in what's known as the coffee corral outside The Business Barn at the east end of town. It opened at the end of May.

Daniels is a former mechanic who worked in Poway. His wife, Nickie, owns the business with him. She formerly worked for Starbucks in Mira Mesa, he said.

"She wanted her own coffee shop," Daniels said.

Some customers like to get out of their vehicles and sit at tables under umbrellas before it gets too hot.

Drivers enter from Main Street and exit, ultimately, onto Fourth Street.

The coffee place has all the usual offerings: hot and iced speciality coffees, fruit smoothies, lemonade and muffins.


The new owner of on Main Street, Frankie Berkley Newberg, continues to renovate and redecorate. A new fountain in the middle of the store adds the peaceful sound of water all day and a skylight adds an uplifting ray of sunshine behind it. Garden related antiques add an earthy, relaxing touch. A turntable and vinyl record albums are stationed in one corner.

"I like to listen to classical music when I design," Newberg said. "It's creative."

She said this week she had an especially happy occasion for which she provided flowers — a customer celebrating twins.


Speaking of little people, the tiny tutus at have to be among the cutest items in town. See the attached photo.

cheris anthony July 15, 2011 at 02:23 PM
Downtown Escondido has always had a wonderful appeal with the trees in the center island and along the street-really invites folks to get out and stroll the sidewalks and perhaps Ramona can find adequate parking areas so visitors can park stroll see signs and shop! What we need is parking, shade, and thirst quenchers-really slows the traffic going up the hill. Check out Tom's Farms along freeway 15!
Elaine Lyttleton July 15, 2011 at 04:38 PM
Definitely the trees and shade are an improvement to the street through town. Benches, decorative trash containers, sidewalk cafes would all promote pedestrian traffic. A barren heat soaked sidewalk will not draw anyone, whether they can see the store signs or not. In the near future art murals decorating the sides of building through town, creating a pedestrian oriented outdoor art tour will definitely help too. And those art lovers will appreciate the shade of the trees.
Julie Pendray July 15, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Thank you for these great comments about the trees and Ramona's downtown.
Frankie Berkley Newberg July 15, 2011 at 08:03 PM
I think I will just move my sign to the side of the front of my Sun Valley Florist Shop and let the tree continue to be full and beautiful. After all nature is what we are all about. The sign might not be centered and perfect as I would like...the tree takes priority.
Frankie Berkley Newberg July 16, 2011 at 02:41 AM
I talked to Signco in Ramona today and they are going to move my sign next Wednesday and make me a Rose Special $9.99 sign for the front of the shop. Problem solved!


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