Skate Park Supporters Ask RCPG For Endorsement

Ramonan Jeremy Benintende told the RCPG the preliminary plans for a skate park in town.

They say it's been tried plenty of times before, but that hasn't stopped Joe Minervini from taking the reins and pushing for a local skate park.

After various meetings to gain public interest and talks with park officials about a location, Minervini asked the Ramona Community Planning group to send a letter of support to the County Board of Supervisors.

Resident Jeremy Benintende, who is acting as chairman of the skate park project, spoke on behalf of Minervini and other advocates at Thursday night's RCPG meeting.

Benintende said the park will have two phases, the first as a sort of trial and the second as an expansion.

"You guys all know these groups have happened in the past, people have failed," Benintende told the board. "We're going to be persistent, our nonprofit status is going to be first."

Richard Tomlinson said there is $90,000 budgeted in the county’s Park Land Dedication Ordinance (PLDO) fund for Ramona that is allocated for skate parks.

Minervini said he needs as much community support as possible and that Supervisor Dianne Jacob is looking for "total community endorsement for any county supported project" as well as support from the county Parks and Recreation Department.

The county will ultimately decide if the skate project will be funded.

Skate Ramona January 12, 2013 at 12:27 AM
Mark my words RCPG will screw this up for the skaters RCPG will rush to endorse this project without asking any questions regarding the when, where and how. They will rubberstamp a letter to the County because they think it will look good for RCPG. They will not get community involvement, business buy in or seek input from other government. In a few months this will explode in another RCPG nightmare for Ramona and RCPG will be making the usual excuses. Mark my words
greg Chick January 12, 2013 at 07:38 PM
This project is needed, kids need identity and group peers etc. if they can't find it on a positive level they will find it in a gang or other way. Not all kids are cut out for the cute or handsome or smart or rich, or talented, or socially adept or what ever. This is not to say losers skate either, but some social groups are closed to some people for what ever reason. A skate park would be open to all. Kids need a place to skate. I think unity from Ramona is needed on this, and solutions do exist for all those objections. Greg Chick, one who remembers youth
Jane Tanaka MD January 14, 2013 at 03:34 AM
There is an old stereotype which needs to be dispelled about young skaters today. It may be an uspoken fear amongst the elders in our community that skaters are criminals, that they deliver drugs across downtown Ramona and the SDCE... and perhaps there are some of these who do exist. Some of the skaters have bad manners... harrassing the RHS cross country team during practice. It is alleged that one or two skaters made the mistake of destroying the benches donated by Rotary at RHS. However, most of the kids who skate do so like kids who like to play baseball or soccer or snowboard .. its fun and challenging... and they like to show off their skills front of their parents and friends. Having a skate park, one that is monitored by responsible adults, is very much needed in our town. It would be safer than kids breaking into Ramona HS grounds after hours, and skating in the parking lot of Stater Brothers in front of traffic. As a physician in Ramona, I support the proposed skate park . Jane Tanaka MD
greg Chick January 14, 2013 at 03:22 PM
I ask community, I thought "we are a family town" kids are skating all over and not always where they should. Borrego Springs has a skate park, that is a very rural town. A skate park will be a great place to focus on positive leadership and role molding. Lets put the challenges on the table and arrange solutions.


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