RMWD Preview: Water Bill Readings, San Vicente Road Project and Poway Pump Station Energy Source

The Feb. 12 meeting will give the public a presentation of the water meter functionality.

The Ramona Municipal Water District will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Community Center for its first meeting of February.

The Feb. 12 meeting will discuss important topics for residents, specifically a special presentation on how to read your water meter will be given. The board will vote on whether or not to include a "Water Bill Facts" as an insert included in customer bills for the next billing cycles.

The Water District is also asking for the Water Board's permission to purchase two pickup trucks through a State contract.

Other noteworthy agenda items include:

  • A recommendation to authorize RMWD General Manager David Barnum to execute an agreement with Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates to provide financial services related to the San Vicente Road project.
  • A recommendation to authorize the expenditure of matching funding for the Salt and Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) grant agreement up to $40,000 and authorize the General Manager to execute an agreement with the Water Authority for grant funding in the amount of $40,000 for completion of the District SNMP
  • A status report on the Poway Pump Station's possible second source of energy via natural gas line.

The Board of Directors meets at 2 p.m. at 434 Aqua Lane. The public is invited to attend the meeting.

Check the attached PDF for the meeting's full agenda or find it online here.

tom hedges February 12, 2013 at 03:36 AM
What's the plan to convert natural gas into electricity? This will be an ongoing white elephant for consultants! Bad Idea in my opinion.
Jasper February 12, 2013 at 04:12 PM
Tom, The water district is investigating using natural gas as a second source of power for pumping water up the hill at the Poway pump station. If they are successful, it could lower costs for pumping and give Ramona redundancy in case of emergencies like a power outage or wildfire. It is probably the smartest thing they have ever considered. It is far cheaper than a backup generator and pays for itself over time. I am glad they are finally thinking outside of the box. It has nothing to do with converting natural gas into electricity?


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