RCPG Swears In New Members; Piva Renamed Chair

At the first Ramona Community Planning Group of the year, eight new members were initiated.

The Ramona Community Planning Group welcomed three new members and five returning members at the first meeting of the year Thursday.

Held at the Community Center instead of the Ramona Library, the Planning Group meeting was a first for Jim Cooper, Barbara Jensen and Donna Myers.

Returning members include chair Jim Piva, Richard Tomlinson, Eb Hogervorst, Torry Brean and Paul Stykel.

After being sworn in, Secretary Kristi Mansolf had one extra oath for the new members to take, courtesy Piva:

"To support the Bulldogs year-round."

The 13-member board voted on a new chair, vice-chair and secretary. They are as follows:

  • Chair: Jim Piva (previous chair)
  • Vice-chair: Scotty Ensign
  • Secretary: Kristi Mansolf (previous secretary)

Piva has played a pivotal role in establishing an emergency evacuation route for Ramona.

Congratulations to all new and returning members!

Jackson Peddry January 11, 2013 at 06:47 PM
RCPG is so broken. The head trauma facility, Target Shopping center and Solar Farm were just some of the recent miserable failures for the community and the evacuation route sounds like a joke. I work for the County and can tell you that the ramona planning group is sooo difficult to deal with. County staff hates coming up here because it is like dealing with a brick wall. The densest brick is jim piva. It is the same drill every time. We do a community presentation and depending on which way the wind is blowing piva will start down one path and then they all change thier minds. Eventually they all go down to a planning commission or BOS meeting and say the craziest least relivent stuff. I have seen the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commisioners actually laugh in thier faces and then vote appropriately (against RCPGs recomendation). I guess we have yet another year of jims self promotion leading to failure for Ramona and nothing gettin done. I feel sad for Ramona.
M Workman January 11, 2013 at 11:29 PM
As a point of clarification, no person by the name of Jackson Peddry (sounds made up) works for the County of San Diego. As a matter of fact, it is against county policy to make public comments on blogs such as this identifying yourself as a county employee or suggesting you represent the county in your posting. Unless of course you have permission from your supervisor or myself. And if you do write such a post, we'd prefer you use proper spelling and grammar.
BuyLocalRamona January 12, 2013 at 01:29 AM
I am lost? Is there someone named M Workman (also sounds made up) at the County? I think it is funny that the concern is that a County employee did not get the appropriate permission befor venting, not that the content of the comment was inaccurate. I would give Jackson some slack. He or she or them are correct. RCPG has been a mess for many years. We all know that here in Ramona. Unfortunately, it is worse now than ever, we lack any direction, focus or leadership. Can the County please send an County attorney to our meetings? That would help a great deal. Thank you
M Workman January 14, 2013 at 04:39 PM
I assure you I am NOT made up. The name is Michael Workman, I work at the County and live in Ramona. Use your own name, look me up on the county website (don't think I can give my number here) in the Communications Department and call me. I did not make any judgement on what the previous commenter said other than it is against policy and not wise to engage in personal attack while representing the County. Ok, I did poke at "him" for using poor grammar and spelling. If you make the effort to call I will attempt to point you in a direction to get an answer to your question regarding counsel.


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