RCPG Candidate Forum: What Do You Envision for the Vintner's Industry?

Each week leading up to elections, we'll post one question from the RCPG candidate forum and each present candidates response.

The Ramona Equine Industry Network (REIN) hosted a forum on Sept. 19 at the Community Center to allow the public to hear from the Ramona Community Planning Group candidates and their stance on hot-button issues.

Each week leading up to the Nov. 6 elections, Ramona Patch will post one of the questions asked at the forum, along with each of the present candidate's responses.

Keep a look out each week to see what the group hopefuls had to say on things like vineyards, the equine industry and road safety issues.

First up is Ramona's ever-growing grape industry.

What do you envision for the vintner's industry here in Ramona?

Torry Brean: The coolest part of Ramona is the vineyard. I support it. We are an agricultural community.

Robin Joy Maxson: The RCPG plan is to support it. It brings people up to Ramona.

Kathy DaSilva: I love the way the vineyard's look... I think it's a win-win all the way around.

Jim Cooper: If wine industry in Ramona has a broad plan to enhance their presence, I'd support that.

Barbara Jensen: I think it's gorgeous, but I don't know how to answer the question.

Jim Piva: We don't have the authority to plan where the vineyards will go.

Richard Tomlinson: I'm bias on this one because my neighbors have planted grapes. I think anything the RCPG can do to support agriculture is good.


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