Letter to the Editor: County Supervisors Are 'Wolves In Sheep's Clothing'

Ramona resident Joe Minervini says the Board of Supervisors only listens and agrees with their planning groups when it benefits the County's tax base.

Last Supervisors meeting, four of you voted in favor of the Solar MUP and Dianne Jacob voted against this intrusion into our Rural Ramona.

Four of you do not know the meaning of "compatible" or "harmony."

You four did not listen to what Ramona unanimously was stating but you did listen to your staff, the developers (an LLC) and the landowner who will profit from this ugly project.

NONE OF YOU PEOPLE LIVE IN RAMONA! Even the property owner does not live in Ramona.

What a slap in Ramona's face. We asked you to find another location... we offered many other locations that would not be as intrusive into the heart of Ramona's Valley of the Sun. Evidently, neither your staff nor four of the Supervisors comprehended that the sun shines in places other than Ramona Street and Warnock Drive.

When Dianne Jacob asked if any of you four would consider moving your decision until other locations were investigated by staff, you all indicated you would not support that motion. Even the new guy flipped-flopped for some reason I could not understand.

It appears that the Board of Supervisors only listens and agrees with their planning groups when it benefits the County's tax base... when it pays the bills.

Didn't you all realize there is 1,473 acres of solar projects in the works in Southeast County that will produce 168.5 megawatts of electrical power? And you proceeded to  dump a solar farm on Ramona that will produce a mere 7.5 megawatts.

Our planning group has learned to watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing... we'll be ready for any other profit oriented LLC solar power venture that wants to stick another project at a highly visible location.

If there has ever been a good reason for Ramona to incorporate, this item will be our war cry... "Remember the Solar Farm."

I hope Bill Horn's constituency is aware that he stated he does not have to go out in person and look at Major Project developments in his District. What the hell kind of representation is that? There should be a state law that requires elected officials leave the comforts of their office and visit, in person, any major development site.

You still don't have a "Solar Power Ordinance" that makes any sense; you've been asked for a better ordinance than what exists months ago and I do not believe  you have started the effort.

Currently, these ugly projects can be placed anywhere. Come on, staff —get off your butts and write a better ordinance!

Spare other County communities the agony of defeat... it's too late for Ramona and we're mad as hell.

Joe Minervini, a dis-enchanted Ramonan

Jewels February 11, 2013 at 06:46 PM
No they dont listen to Ramona Boards, or to the residents. I had a friend that served on a Board and quit because it was obvious the County does what it wants, when it wants with no regard to the residents opinions. Agriculture land is rare and should be preserved. What IDIOT thought it should be changed to INDUSTRIAL (I don't care if you call it a solar farm - it isnt FARMING!!) I would be furious if I lived there. Well I am furious and I just have drive by there. I moved to Ramona to live in the country. I dont want us to become Poway, or any other 'use to be small town'. I am not against solar, in fact I plan to put it in at our house within the year. But it should be done in a way that does not detract from our community. If they put the solar 'farm' in the industrial part of Ramona, I wouldnt complain. But they should not be taking agriculture land for an industrial use. Lets be real, this is an 'electricity plant' and if we called it what it is, there would be a huge outcry in Ramona. But because they used the term 'solar farm' we all sit back and do nothing and allow the county to push this on us.
Donald Sonck February 12, 2013 at 01:06 AM
Dianne Jacob is and has been the only Supervisor who actually listens to her constituents and not lobbyists! As for Bill Horn, the only reason he ever leaves his office or home is when he has an opportunity to receive an award or campaign contribution. He is worthlless. The "greenies" have bought politicians at all levels; pretty sad!
Jane Tanaka MD February 12, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Joe.. greatly respect you and your passion for Ramona and its causes.. so dont take my writing as disrespect to you , please. Dont go off on me , ok? Solar farms,chicken farms, neither are breath-takingly beautiful, but serve an honorable purpose . I can understand that they both look like an eyesore to some people., and you might not want either in your back yard or located where they spoil the pristine view from your window, or your refreshing drive home. I get the zoning issue. But for years we have had big ugly photovoltaic panels in our back yard and solar thermal panels on our roof.. They make it possible to run air conditioning in the summer time and hot water in the winter with less use of fossil fuel. We also have had chickens here on our property but coyotes feasted on them. Feathers everywhere! People come from down the hill to buy farm fresh eggs in Ramona.. its an adventure for our Powegian/Delmartian friends. People who visit us dont call our solar panels or chicken farms "ugly" but instead "progressive" and " organic" respectively. Why cant we embrace both in Ramona? And as for greenies and money, who has the money? Really, the fossil fuel folks. SDGE is obliged to buy the solar power, but they would love to see any large scale solar project fall on its rectal protuberances because of local controversy. (BTW, the above posted photos of a solar farm and a chicken farm were not mine,.. but were uploaded pics from google for illustration.)
Jolinda February 12, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Thank you Joe for a very well written letter! I agree that solar IS important, but it's not going to show up in Balboa Park anytine soon and saving Open Space and Agro land is every bit as important! Why not put it further out than the main access road for Country Estates? Perhaps the BOS noticed our own planning groups nod to the equally disasterious Cummings Ranch project and decided the "rural" is just something we put up with in order to get more square footage for less bucks, and not really a principsl we are in agreement to support.


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