Democrats Regain Edge Over GOP in Countywide Voter Registration

In the unincorporated regions of the county, however, Republicans outnumber Democrats 112,083 to 63,746—with 239,221 eligible to vote.

Updated at 1:25 p.m. Oct. 11, 2012

A month after Republicans edged ahead of Democrats in countywide voter registration, new figures show the GOP trailing here three weeks before the presidential election.

In unincorporated areas of San Diego like Ramona, however, Republicans still outnumber Democracts 112,083 to 63,746—with a total of 239,221 eligible to vote.

In early September, voters affiliated with the Republican Party outnumbered Democrats by a slim 100 countywide—510,792 to 510,692.

Last week, Democratic officials boasted a swing back to the Blue column.

As of Sept. 30, figures issued by the county Registrar of Voters Office showed 518,463 Democrats eligible to vote in San Diego County against 514,582 Republicans—out of 1.47 million voters total.

In a statement, county Democratic Party Chairman Jess Durfee called the shift “a key sign of momentum for Democratic candidates just before many ballots hit mailboxes next week.”

County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric said: “We expect county party registration numbers to continue to be close. Clearly there is a paid effort afoot on the Democratic side.”

Responding to a Patch query, Krvaric said via email: “At the end of the day, the key will be who shows up to the polls and we are confident Republicans will outperform registration by a healthy margin.”

Durfee noted that 
last month Secretary of State Debra Bowen launched  registertovote.ca.gov where Californians can sign up to vote online for the first time, and said more than 100,000 people registered on the site in its first week.

“While some states are making it harder to register and participate in this election, in California it’s easier than ever for eligible voters to make their voices heard,” Durfee said. “In San Diego, we’re already seeing our counywide majority of voters grow, and we plan to turn that into a countywide majority of votes for Democrats on Nov. 6.”

“Local enthusiasm for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is through the roof,” Krvaric said in a statement,  “and we will wage an aggressive local campaign for our entire ticket over the next several weeks.

“While Democrats defend the status quo, dominated by big unions and big business, Republicans are committed to standing up for taxpayers and small business. We invite all voters to join with us for reform.”


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