Caltrans Shows Options for SR-67 Median Barrier Project

Photosimulation from the Caltrans display showing a concrete median barrier.
Photosimulation from the Caltrans display showing a concrete median barrier.

What do you think would make driving on Route 67 safer- a concrete, cable, or metal median barrier, or simply extra striping? 

As part of the early stages of the "SR-67 Median Barrier Project," Caltrans held a public workshop last week at Olive Peirce Middle School displaying potential project alternatives for a stretch of road that sees its fair share of traffic accidents. 

Staff was on hand to provide info, answer questions about the project and take comments from residents about how they think the project should proceed.

Caltrans said the primary purpose of this project is to reduce the number and severity of accidents on Route 67. Alternatives considered include a concrete median barrier, a high tension cable median barrier, a metal median barrier and a median buffer. The median would be constructed along the majority of the road between Willow Road and Shady Oaks Drive.

Speaking with local firefighters and paramedics at the workshop they indicated that the stretch of 67 between Shady Bend and Archie Moore Rd. sees the most deadly crashes.

Estrada said that Caltrans will be meeting with various community planning and homeowner groups in the affected areas, especially concerning potential affects on fire evacuation plans.

One issue with median barriers is that some driveways would no longer be able to turn left onto SR-67. To remedy this Caltrans plans to install turn-arounds at strategic spots.

The next step for the project is the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. Estrada said Caltrans may hold additional open house workshops in the future, but a formal meeting will be held in the spring. He said depending on the median alternative chosen, the project might break ground in early 2017.

Staff at the workshop said the ultimate goal for Route 67 is a four-lane highway, which, according to the SANDAG Transportation Plan, may happen by 2050.

Comment on the project can be emailed to ct.public.information.d11@dot.ca.gov or mailed to the Caltrans District Office at 4050 Taylor Street MS-121 San Diego CA 92110.

COMMENT: Which median alternative do you think would be best?

c. Manina August 30, 2013 at 05:31 AM
@Elijah and other interested parties: Perhaps I should make myself clearer. Looking at the proposal slide in the above article labeled @3, notice how little space is allowed on each side of the cable barrier. Now look at the crash test videos the Elijah posted for the cable barriers. See how far the crash vehicle can spring that cable? Now look at slide #4 of the proposal showing the median buffer rendering. See how wide that painted barrier is? Why not combine the width of the median buffer with the cable barrier running down the middle of it!? You have the protection of the physical barrier with the space that will also protect oncoming traffic no matter which direction. Elijah, wouldn't you're daughter have an even better chance of surviving a cable barrier crash if her vehicle also did not bounce over into an occupied lane? Also, wouldn't the extra space give cal-trans crews more repair space? The proposed renderings for the concrete barrier nor the cable barrier allow space for the shift of a cable-flung vehicle or a shifted concrete barrier extending into oncoming traffic. But a combination of that vehicle width median painted barrier with either the cable or concrete barrier could solve the issue of involving on-coming traffic. I'm only trying to say we need a physical barrier PLUS space in order to survive a crash in this area. Not complaining or whining here. Just trying to make a clear point that should be discussed now instead of after decisions have been made. Thanks for taking the time to read my winded explanations! :-)
ELIJAH August 30, 2013 at 01:15 PM
I LOVE that diea....good job
ELIJAH August 30, 2013 at 01:15 PM
ELIJAH August 30, 2013 at 01:31 PM
I vote Combination Cable/Buffer solution!
Kathlene October 23, 2013 at 09:16 PM
http://youtu.be/WG89EmezYts First let me say, yes that is a concrete barrier, we call that K-rail. It has obvious hinge pts. Caltrans would not install that type of barrier on 67 for that exact reason, it moves. The type of concrete barrier they most likely would install is the solid barrier just like the one you see down the hill at the lower potion of 67, in Lakeside.


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