6 Types of Signs You May Soon See Around Ramona

The county will now allow signs that could point the way to business districts or places of interest, promote special events, welcome tourists and more.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors tentatively agreed Wednesday to amend the county's zoning ordinance and sections of the county code to allow community and special event signs and banners along county right-of-ways in unincorporated areas, such as Ramona.

The County News Center released more details (see list below) about what kind of signs would be allowed.

The new rules would allow six types of community signs and banners to be put up in the public right-of-way in unincorporated communities, both permanent and temporary signs:

  • Community Identification Signs: ground mounted or street-spanning non-commercial civic-oriented decorative signs.
  • Community Information Signs: ground mounted, non-commercial, civic-oriented decorative signs with changeable shingles that identify upcoming community events and enhance community character.
  • Directional Wayfinding Signs: Networks of uniform, permanent, directional and destination signs to show people how to get to civic, cultural, visitor and recreational areas, so long as they are placed in or near established village areas.
  • Neighborhood and Business Watch Signs.
  • Horizontal Street Spanning Signs: temporary, decorative signs to announce or promote community events in a village area.
  • Vertical Pole-Mounted Banners: temporary, decorative signs on street light poles to announce or promote community events or recognized holidays.
COMMENT: What kind of signs would you like to see around Ramona, and what should they publicize?

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