Ramona Crime Log: July 31-Aug. 7

The following events are listed in the Sheriff's Department crime logs at Ramona substation.

July 31: Burglary at 1000 block of Main Street. The AM/PM convenience market had $15 worth of liquor stolen from it.

Aug. 1: Armed robbery was reported at 1800 block of Main Street. Miscellaneous items were stolen in an armed robbery at Kmart.

Aug. 2: Petty theft was reported at the 1400 block of Realty Road. $20 worth of items, including keys, papers and checks, were stolen.

Aug. 2: Arson was reported at the 1200 block of Main Street. $5,000 worth of damage was caused by fire at Molly Malone's Bar.

Aug. 2: Sex crime against a child reported at 200 block of Earlham Street.

Aug. 2: A disturbance/fight and vandalism was reported at the 1600 block of Main Street. A juvenile was arrested for battery.

Aug. 3: Residential burglary at the 1500 block of Weekend Villa Road. Miscellaneous jewelry worth $10,000 was stolen.

Aug. 3: Assault with a deadly weapon reported at 100 block of Ramona Street. A juvenile injured another minor and was arrested.

Aug. 3: Petty theft was reported at the 1600 block of Main Street. A minor stole $37.49 worth of items from Rite-Aid. They were recovered.

Aug. 3: Spousal abuse reported at 600 block of A Street. A 28-year-old female was arrested.

Aug. 4: Burglary/vandalism reported at 400 block of Aqua Lane. The Ramona Outdoor Community Center was burglarized.

Aug. 5: Petty theft reported at 24000 block of Gymkhana Road. A 28-year-old woman reported her wallet, money, credit cards and ID stolen.

Aug. 5: Suicide attempt at 800 block of B Street. The adult attempting suicide was taken into a 72-hour observation area.

Aug. 6: Assault with a deadly weapon at 600 block of Main Street. A 26-year-old female was arrested.

Aug. 7: Burglary was reported at 600 block Main Street. Miscellaneous items and building material worth more than $300 were stolen from Animal Artistry.

Aug. 7: Burglary of a vehicle was reported at SR 67 and Mt. Woodson Road. A 23-year-old female reported that her cell phone, ID and credit cards were stolen form her car.


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