Ramona Crime Log: Aug 27-Sept. 3

The following events are listed in the Sheriff's Department crime logs at Ramona substation.

Aug. 27: Commercial burglary at 1800 block of Main Street. Oil Changers reported $600 stolen.

Aug. 27: Suspicious person/burglary was reported at the 500 block of Main Street. Nancy Auto Sales, Stage Stop Liquor and Highway Market were all burglarized.

Aug. 27: Vehicle burglary was reported at the 15700 block of Davis Cup Lane. A car containing a computer, electronics, books, money, sunglasses and other miscellaneous items was stolen. A 29-year-old female and 28-year-old male were arrested.

Aug. 27: Pet theft was reported at the 700 block of Gem Lane. Domestic pets worth $500 were stolen and recovered.

Aug. 27: Petty theft was reported at the 1200 block of H Street. $300 was reported stolen.

Aug. 27: Spousal abuse was reported at 23700 block of Barona Mesa Road. A 28-year-old female was arrested.

Aug. 28: Rape was reported at 100 block of 7th Street.

Aug. 28: Stolen vehicle reported at 200 block of Hope Street.

Aug. 28: Suicide attempt reported at 3300 block of Dye Road. An arrest was made and the arrestee was put under a 72-hour observation.

Aug. 29: Stolen vehicle was reported at 100 block of Ramona Street. A car worth $3,000 was stolen..

Aug. 29: Vandalism reported at the 1800 block of Main Street. Dr. Arsham's office had $300 worth of damage done to it.

Aug. 29: Vandalism of a vehicle reported at 18700 block of Rangeland Road. A two-door sedan had $400 worth of damage to it.

Aug. 29: Residential burglary at the 15500 block of Calistoga Drive. A bag, jacket and numerous miscellaneous items worth more than $2,000.

Aug. 30: A suspicious vehicle/burglary was reported at 1300 block of Warnock Drive. Velocity Paintball Park reported a miscellaneous clothing and items, totaling about $800, stolen.

Aug. 30: Grand theft reported at 600 block of Davis Street. Power tools totaling more than $1,000 were reported stolen.

Aug. 30: Stolen vehicle reported at 500 block of Telford Lane. A car worth $2,500 was stolen and recovered.

Aug. 30: Attempted suicide reported at 1600 block of Montecito Road. An arrestee was put under a 72-hour observation.

Aug. 30: Petty theft at Mussey Grade Road. Drugs, cash and a cell phone were stolen from a building.

Aug. 31: Battery reported at 600 block of 11th Street.

Aug. 31: Grand theft was reported at 15400 block of Vista Vicente Drive. A bag and miscellaneous clothing and items, worth about $6000, were stolen and recovered.

Aug. 31: Stolen vehicle reported at 100 block of North 14th Street. A two-door sedan worth $2,000 was reported stolen.

Aug. 31: Stolen vehicle reported at 800 block of Main Street. A $7,000 black and orange motorcycle was stolen.

Sept. 1: Shooting reported at 16400 block of Gunn Stage Road. A 56-year-old female reported shots at her home.

Sept. 1: Vehicle burglary at 14400 block of Wildcat Canyon Road. A blanket, miscellaneous tools and electronics, totaling $350, were stolen from a vehicle.

Sept. 2: Vandalism at 700 block of South Hunter Street. Miscellanous house goods and furniture were reported damaged or destroyed.

Sept. 2: Petty theft reported at 500 block of 14th Street. Video games worth $280 were stolen.

Sept. 2: Residential burglary at 23700 block of SR 78. A bike, computer, video games, guitar, electronic component and two air guns, totalling about $1,500 were reported stolen.

Sept. 3: Runaway juvenile reported at 1000 block of Caminito Once.


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