Case Assigned Who Women Accused of Dumping Her Mom Near Ramona, No Trial Date Set

Ghazal Mansury, 42, is accused of killing Mehria Mansury.

A Serra Mesa woman charged with murdering her mother and dumping the 79-year-old woman's body on the Barona Indian Reservation had her case assigned Thursday to Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser.

Ghazal Mansury, 42, is accused of killing Mehria Mansury, who shared her Amulet Street home with the defendant.

The older woman went missing Sept. 23 and her body was found nine days later east of the Barona Casino & Resort near Ramona.

No trial date was set, but that could be determined Tuesday at a status conference.

During a preliminary hearing, neighbor Denise Lattizzori testified that the two argued constantly.

San Diego police Officer Daniel McLaughlin testified that, in 2011, Mehria Mansury asked for advice on how to get her daughter's boyfriend's car out of her driveway.

McLaughlin said the widow didn't want to antagonize her daughter or her boyfriend.

"She (the mother) had some fear for her physical safety," McLaughlin testified. "She told me she was scared of the boyfriend and/or her daughter."

After the victim's body was found in October 2013, police interrogated the daughter. She was released, then arrested the next day as she and her boyfriend left a friend's house in City Heights.

Prosecutor Paul Greenwood said the defendant called her mother "the bitch" and told detectives she took her mother's body from the house and dumped it.

Internet searches for "crime scene investigations," "how to clean blood stains" and "homicide" were found on the defendant's computer, the prosecutor said.

Greenwood said others -- including the defendant's boyfriend -- may have been involved in the murder.

The victim's blood was found in the trunk of a car and in the Serra Mesa home, according to evidence produced at the hearing.

—City News Service


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