Barnett Elementary Vandalized Over Thanksgiving Break

The Sheriff's Department reported $10,000 worth of damage done to two rooms at the school.

Burglars broke into Barnett Elementary over the weekend, vandalizing rooms and causing , according to the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Ramona Unified School District Maintenance and Operations Secretary Kris Blaszcak told Patch that two rooms that were being used for PTA storage were vandalized sometime between Nov. 23 and 25, when the school was closed for the holiday weekend.

"We don't know who broke in," Blaszcak said. "Rooms 39 and 43 were vandalized and broken into–those are not active classrooms."

Blazscak said the locks had to be replaced, as the burglar or burglars completely removed the door handles; the intruder(s) also stuffed the sinks in both rooms and left the water running, causing a couple inches of water to flood each room; and even a window was broken.

"They destroyed books, decorations for the Holly Days," she said, referring to the annual holiday fair at the school being held Nov. 30 this year.

Blazscak said that ketchup and mustard were also squirted around the rooms.

"It's a mess," she said. "We're not sure about the flooring and carpet yet."

The school, which sits at 23925 Couna Way, is still assessing if any items were stolen, according to Blazscak, and she said though the sheriff's department reported $10,000 worth of damage, a better estimate might be $5,000.

Blaszcak said there is no rush on getting the rooms back to the condition they were in before, as they were just being used for storage. But the locks have been replaced.

As for paying for the damage, Blaszack said the district is self-insured up to a certain amount.

"This will be something the district will have to absorb," she said.

Anyone with information on the incident can call up the Ramona substation at 760-789-1200.

greg Chick November 29, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Skate Park. or we could shoot um...


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