These Boots Were Made For Antiquing

Country Town Antiques has some great statement pieces for the home.

Have you ever browsed an antique store and something jumps out to you, for one reason or another?

Well, these ceramic cowboy boots from Country Town Antiques did it for me. Not only do they scream "Ramona," but they also say "Pinterest, eat your heart out."

The boots are small in size, just about 3-4 inches tall, but they could make great countertop pieces for the bathroom or living room. Stick some fresh lavender or herbs in them and you've got functional cowboy boots!

Last week, we kick started the column with the world; this week, we're walking all over it with some ceramic boots. Yee-haw!

Each week, I'll feature a fun item on Patch that I find in one of the antique stores. All finds are completely random and just for fun.

  • What? Ceramic cowboy boots, one brown, one aquamarine.
  • Where? Country Town Antiques at 939 Main St.
  • How much? $14 each.

Have you made a cool purchase at Country Town Antiques? Upload a photo of your fun find by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" under the picture!

Patti January 11, 2013 at 05:14 AM
Thanks Melissa! Glad to see the antique weekly on Patch!


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