Weekly Antique Find: Keep It Caged

This fun cage has more use than for a songbird.

Have you guys been in the Ramona Antique Fair-Original Old Town? That thing is full of endless antique finds!

And floating above the many hidden treasures in there was an old, birch birdcage.

Now for the average bird lover, this would make a great home for a chirping feathered friend. But for those who want to use this cage more decoratively, it might make a great shelter for hanging terrariums.

Can you picture it? Mini succulents and flowers snugged tight in here and hanging above your desk?

Those who are handy in the DIY department might even be able to make some sort of light out of this. What would you do with it?

  • What? Birch birdcage.
  • Where? Ramona Antique Fair-Original Old Town at 734 Main St.
  • How much? $38.

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Have you made a cool purchase at the Ramona Antique Fair? Upload a photo of your fun find by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" under the picture!


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