Letter to the Editor: Sol Orchard Approval 'Travesty of Justice"

Kathy DaSilva responds to a U-T columnist's "Letter to Ramona" regarding Sol Orchard.

Editor's Note: The following is a response from Ramonan Kathy DaSilva to U-T San Diego columnist Logan Jenkin's Letter to Ramona In Her Time of Sorrow.

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

You are at the very least extremely rude.

I grew up on Point Loma, a native San Diegan. I now live in Ramona. Point Loma had a riding stable on Catalina Boulevard and a farm on the corner of Canon and Talbot streets where homes now stand. So was Point Loma Tobacco Road in your mind?

I learned to ride at Balboa Park Riding Academy, now interstate 5. I showed horses in Mission Valley where Fashion Valley now lies. La Jolla Farms actually had horses. My mother and her friends bought fresh eggs in Mission Valley. If dairies stink and are unsightly, where do you think milk, butter and cheese come from? The store? They are provided to you and your family by hard working families up at dawn milking stinky cows. That things don't appear to be shiny and new doesn't mean the people of Ramona don't work hard and have good family values.

I never enter the Ramona post office that a gentleman, of any age, does not hold the door open for me. People say excuse me, please and thank you to each other.

Funny, Rancho Santa Fe has large animal keeping. And the manure stinks. What does that say to you, Mr. Jenkins? Would you put a solar field there? I think not.

This time your sarcasm missed the mark. Your blacksmith great-grand father was, in all probability, a country gentleman and would be ashamed of you and your ignorance.

Yes, your slick friends are shoving a solar field down our throats. It's not funny. It's a travesty of justice. I sat and watched as the Board of Supervisors (sans Dianne Jacob) pretended to know what should go in the middle of our town. It appears they want all of San Diego county to be city, no rural areas.

I'll tell you what, let's put one of these beauties near your house.

Kathy DaSilva

Diane Chapman February 14, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Every person in Ramona should be very worried about the outcome of the Sol Orchard decision. It means that we do not have any representation at the County level(with the exception of Dianne Jacobs). It means that whatever group comes in with a lobbyst, who worked for one of the Supervisors, has a project to put through, they can do it. We only asked that Sol Power Plant(I refuse to use the dishonest word Orchard that they portray it as)find another location. They would not. Nor did the planners look at any other location. The fix was in before we got to the meeting. Let that settle in.....a decision was made regardless of what the citizens of Ramona wanted. Stay tuned to what we will be doing going forward to stop the mandates against us.


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