Five Nonprofits Making a Difference

Charity begins at home, or at least in your community.

Looking to donate your time or money to a worthy cause?  How about helping out a local nonprofit that is making a difference in your community?  The following organizations might not have national fame, but their heart may be just as big as some of the more well-known entities.

Ramona Children’s Charities

The all-volunteer staff at Ramona Children’s Charities works to improve the educational opportunities of severely handicapped children by providing equipment and materials to local schools.

In addition to offering seniors activities, services, computer use and much more, the Ramona Senior Center also provides meals to seniors in several backcountry areas.

The volunteer-run group promotes and maintains local trails for non-motorized use, through coordination with government agencies and like-minded organizations such as the Backcountry Horsemen of California and the San Diego County Trails Council.

The Wildlife Research Institute

The Institute conducts research and provides data and education about wildlife management and habitats, in addition to promoting conservation biology with the cooperation of other agencies, industries and academic institutions.

This non-profit operates a thrift store as well as a food box distribution program.




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