Behind the Biz: AccuTech Support

Need advice on what kind of computer to buy? Terry Koehl is a wealth of computer information.

Got a love/hate relationship with your computer? Are your technical frustrations almost too much to bear? Before you throw your computer out the window or smash it on your kitchen floor, hand it over to AccuTech Support.

Terry Koehl has been a Ramona resident for 10 years but has been a computer person his whole life. He learned early on that he had an ability to troubleshoot and solve problems–and enjoyed the challenge of doing so.

Over the years, Koehl's skills improved and he found himself assisting family, friends, co-workers and even the companies he worked for with their technology problems. Eventually the idea for a new business was formed, Koehl became A+ certified and he opened AccuTech Support from his home.

AccuTech Support provides assistance for all brands of computers. Services range widely from software and operating system problems, networking and hardware repair on numerous types of devices.

Patch: Why did you choose to start this business in Ramona?

Terry Koehl: I chose to start my business in Ramona because I felt the Ramona population was under-served by full time technicians, and that I could provide a much needed service to the community.

Ramona residents are also very friendly and supportive of local businesses. As a resident of Ramona why would I start my business elsewhere?

Patch: What distinguishes your business from others in the same industry?

Koehl: Prompt, friendly and caring customer service. I take the time to learn how my client uses their computer, what the problems are and the best approach to solve the problem, as well as provide advice on how to prevent other potential problems.

Above all I look out for my client's interests first.

Patch: Any current challenges you face as a business owner?

Koehl: There are always challenges in the technology business as the products I service seem to change on a daily basis. Continuing education is a weekly if not daily task to stay ahead of the curve.

These changes also require that as a business owner, I am constantly looking to the future in order to foresee adjustments that need to be made to my services and business model.

Patch: What's the best business advice you've ever been given?

Koehl: Always maintain your honesty and integrity.

Patch: What's the most-asked computer question you get?

Koehl: What brand of computer do you like, or what brand should I buy? This is a question where the answer depends a lot on the user.

After hearing the needs of the client I can then direct them to a good choice in make and model.

Does your computer need some TLC? Contact AccuTech Support at 760-239-9001 or visit Koehl's website at www.accutechsupport.com.


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