Ramona View — Five 'Very Different' Women Take Local Issues From Garden Patio to the Web

It's like ABC's "The View" with a local twist.

Among the birds singing and the occasional aircraft flying overhead, five Ramona women sit down and clink coffee mugs and eat lemon bars while they chat about school lunches, Charlie Sheen, Ramona's upcoming rodeo, summer camps, Obama and how to lift all that earthquake preparedness stuff into their cars. Oh, and of course, where to get their nails down locally so they don't have to drive down the hill.

It's not much different from a lot of women's get togethers, except that it's recorded on video and out on the Internet.

It's "Ramona View," a localized version of the popular ABC TV daytime program "The View," in which Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and others sit down to discuss, laugh about and feel our pain about issues that affect women.

The local program features five self-described "very different women" —Liza Roocroft and four others simply calling themselves Annette, Cathy, Joy and Melinda.

Ramona View airs on the first Sunday of every month on a local website called WhatsUpRamona.com.  It launched March 6.

ABC's "The View" has been running since 1997. Barbara Walters is executive producer.


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