Town Hall Hopes To Display Pinkard's Costumes on 119th Anniversary

Residents will hopefully be able to view the pieces of history once a year.

Honorary Mayor Sharon Davis said she got to view the donated pieces of history from Mary Kay Pinkard that the Town Hall received back in August at Monday night's meeting and remarked on their "mint condition."

The monthly meeting, which is usually held on a Wednesday, was rescheduled to Oct. 15 due to scheduling conflicts for involved parties.

On the agenda was the discussion of Pinkard's numerous Turkey Days costumes, all hand-made by Ramona's first honorary mayor, herself. The pieces of the town's history, along with old photographs, capes, jackets and more, are being planned by Town Hall to be archived and displayed for special occasions.

"I was thrilled to see the condition of all of them!" Davis said "They were in mint condition."

Different suggestions were thrown out on how to preserve and display the special, historical items, that, according to Town Hall President Woody Kirkman, were originally left at Ramona's Chamber of Commerce, where Pinkard ran the office for nearly a quarter of a century.

Boxes, mannequins and even some kind of temperature-regulated storage room are all needed for Pinkard's pieces to help further preserve the past. Davis estimated the cost of preservation being anywhere from $350-$400.

"We really want to preserve this because it's the last of it," Davis said.

"This is really special stuff," board member Darrell Beck said at the August meeting."It's stuff that's pretty rare."

The members of Town Hall discussed the possibility of displaying the extremely valuable items in the hall's West Wing on Feb. 22 during the Coffee with the Constituents event, which will feature Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

Feb. 22 also marks the hall's 119th anniversary.

A special placard for Mary Kay Pinkard has been made and will be hung on the wall in the West Wing.

Got some mannequins to donate? Know a way to help preserve the Turkey Days dresses? Tell us in the comments and help preserve a piece of Ramona's history!

Markay Holly Schroeder October 16, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Such a wonderful tribute to my mother and to my father Lance Holly. I am looking forward to seeing all these pieces displayed . Mom is shining down feeling loved and honored by all of you. Markay Holly Schroeder


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