Pedal Away

Get outside the house and on your bike. Try these tips to enjoy the local countryside and the Ramona biking community.

If you'd like to get out and enjoy Ramona scenery, try a "great escape" on a mountain bike. Ramona has many a trail for a mom to enjoy. 

Biking is one of the most recommended full-body exercises available. Biking tones the calves, thighs, hips and buttocks and helps keep a mom's heart healthy.

Check out www.bikely.com to find biking groups who ride in and around the Ramona area.

is an excellent location to discover bike trails. This preserve is over 700 acres and was originally owned by famous Ramona citizens who commissioned the Town Hall, Augustus and Martha Barnett. The trails sprawl over four miles and are used for hiking and horseback riding as well as biking. It is not recommended to pedal solo as snakes and mountain lions often reside close by. Take plenty of water, sunscreen and comfortable clothes if you are biking along any trail in the hotter months.

The preserve offers panoramic hill country views, spring wildflowers, ancient oak groves and reflective ponds. No restrooms are available. More information about the preserve, as well as safety reminders and regulations, can be found at the County of San Diego's website page, here.

Escape with a beautiful bike ride through the Ramona wild-side. Here's to you, mama.


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