Meatless Monday: Add Some Halloween Fun with Yummy Mummy Heads

Bonus round! There are five Meatless Mondays in Vegetarian Awareness Month. Sneaky, huh?

Meatless Monday comes once a week, but Halloween just once a year. And while that's probably a good thing when it comes to keeping cavities in check from too many trick-or-treats, there's no reason we can't combine the two for a celebration of the season.

The Idaho Potato folks have just the thing to add some scary fun to your plate. In fact, Yummy Mummy Heads will have kids screaming with delight at their olive eyeballs and cheesy “bandages.”

Or how about some Slime Soup? Nigella Lawson's recipe blends peas, scallions and diced mozzarella to create a big, steaming bowl of (delicious) green goo.

And maybe there's nothing terrifying about Pumpkin Bread, but it's hard to pass by just on account of it being an autumn favorite.

We hope you've enjoyed our celebration of Vegetarian Awareness Month.Do you have a vegan or vegetarian recipe you'd like to share with us? Email it to christine.huard@patch.com, and we'll share them in future columns.

Deanne Goodman October 29, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Those look awesome!


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