4 Ramona Mural Projects In the Works

Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Mural Project's next four projects sit in different stages of execution.

After creating the organization at the end of 2010, launching fund raising activities, and unveiling the first mural in March 2012, the Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Mural Project now has four murals in the pipeline. 

President of the project Elaine Lyttleton likens the activities to “packing a snow ball," saying it takes some time and effort to get it formed and rolling, but now the mural snowball is picking up speed.

Each of the next four murals is in a different stage of execution. Generally the process is as follows: 

  1. A building wall is identified and a contract with the building owner is signed.
  2. A concept theme for the mural is usually identified
  3. An "Artist’s Call" is published inviting muralists to bid on the work.
  4. When submissions have been reviewed, the artist is chosen and meetings begin

A planned mural for the south wall of the Business Barn at Main and 4th has the building owner contract signed, an equine theme established, the call issued, and an artist chosen. 

Linda Churchill of San Diego is the chosen muralist for the particular project.  Churchill’s work graces hospitals, hotels and businesses in the San Diego area and from Mexico City to San Jose. She has a BA in painting and her works have been published in "San Diego Home & Garden" magazine.

“I believe I have my hand on the pulse of the country life as I maintain a second residence in the high country desert of Jacumba,” Chuchill said. “I co-own two burros, a mule, a gaggle of chickens, two turtles and a mass of dogs on eighty acres.” 

The San Vicente Saddle Club and the Ramona Trails Association are aiding with the fundraising for the equine mural. Anyone with a special interest in contributing to this mural is encouraged to contact the Mural Project at 760-787-1102.

A mural for the south facing wall of the Ramona Food & Clothes Closet (RFCC) is at the same stage of development as the Business Barn mural. That is, the building owner contract is signed, the theme identified, the artist call issued and the artist chosen. 

The RFCC stands on the site of the historic Kenilworth Inn, which will be depicted on the south facing wall. The chosen muralist, Linda Luisi, hails from Carlsbad and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her works can be found on hotels in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago, and on many other buildings from Palm Desert to San Diego. Luisi is an instructor at the Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla and is a Rotarian.

No funding source has yet been identified to complete this mural.

The is so excited about the murals for Ramona, that they have taken matters into their own hands. The center has selected an artist to create a music themed mural on the south wall of the Center located at 1045 Main St.

Jason Luper ,of Stark White Studios in Ramona, has presented a rendering of his guitar mural done in rustic earthy tones to the H.E.A.R.T. Mural Board which received it enthusiastically. The musicians of Ramona are banding together to hold a series of musical fundraisers for this mural.

The fourth mural is one sponsored by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce. The building and theme have been identified, and the Chamber is launching a fundraising program. 

The building owner contract is in the process of being signed, and the artist’s call will be published shortly. The south facing wall of the La Cocina building at Main and 7th is the location, and the theme is the historic picture of commerce in old Ramona.

Chamber members who donate $100 or more to this mural will have their names engraved on the plaque that will be on the wall by the mural, and receive other promotional recognition on the Mural Project web site at www.RamonaMurals.com

If you're interested in donating to any of these mural projects, contact Elaine Lyttleton at 760-787-1102.

Taken from a Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Mural Project press release.


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