Clip: Green Smoothies and Healthy Alternatives

Mary Hopperton showed a group of women how to make healthy lifestyle changes with delicious foods at the Ramona Library.

Health Coach and Fitness Xpress owner Mary Hopperton whipped up a green smoothie (well, it was more brown) at the Ramona Library Tuesday afternoon for a group of women interested in changing their lifestyles for the better.

At the live demo, Hopperton spoke about alternative foods—spaghetti squash instead of pasta; quinoa instead of rice; Greek yogurt instead of plain—and even blended and sampled a smoothie made from spinach, apples, banana, strawberries and water.

The local health guru also warned the audience to read labels when they buy food.

"Become a label detective!" Hopperton said. "Things that are truly healthy for you won't have a nutrition label."

The free demo was held at the Ramona Library, where branch manager Ellie Slade said she was inspired to share health knowledge with the community by her own weight loss.

"We want safe and healthy families," Slade said. "I didn't diet, I changed foods."

Check out the clip above to see Hopperton in action.


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