Extend Right Turn Lane @ Dye Rd.

A few days ago I posted the below on this board. The message got lost because of personalities, mine included.  Let me try again, extending the subject right turn lane will help the commute a little:
Presently, the future improvement to the 67 & Dye Rd. intersection (work to start 2016) will have the right turn lane at 67 to Dye only extended  a few hundred feet.  I would like to see the right turn lane extended all the way back to Mussey Grade Rd.  This will shorten the evening commute for Estates folks a little ....not a lot, but a little. If you would like to help in this effort, pls write to:

It would also help if you ask your Estates Board of Directors to contact me.

Joe Cahak April 21, 2014 at 10:38 AM
Mr. Minervini had his chance to be a gentleman and refused. He is the one who started the slander, harassment and threats. I find the attempt to put it back on me laughable. You only need to go look at Mr. Minervini and the rest of the CFARR's group posts on the Ramona Sentinel. Disgusting and most disrespectful to any. So when Mr. Minervini can stop acting like Big Man on Campus and stop trying to fool the community about what he and CFARR represents then I will stop. I have much more than just Mr. Minervini's actions at the planning group and his threats against public and RCPG members. Oh yes there is much more. I fully intend to expose Mr. Minervini and his group for just exactly what they are. See you at the RCPG meeting where CFARR will get "SPECIAL" mention in the public record. Oh also I see the Sentinel has left Mr. Minervini's and Ms Chapmann's comments are still there and will be linked to by my guest editorial so the whole community can see just what kind of special Mr. Minervini and CFARR really are. Thank you Mr. Minervini. I could not have stated your real position better than you did yourself. As to the RCPG meeting instead of the street corner Mr. Minervini suggested, I prefer the RCPG where I can have the whole community as spectators as well as have it entered into the public record. Come one, come all, should be a great drama for all. Unfortunately mr. Minervini I will be asking that the sheriff be there to keep things safe for all.
Joe Minervini April 21, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Cahak, You seem to have a personal mission to say everything bad about myself. Lets recap a bit: I have always been in support of keeping Ramona rural. I have been against running major roads thru rural neighborhoods. The South Bypass could cut thru my backyard and other Ramona residents' properties. It was YOU and certain members of the RCPG who wanted to invade my privacy and peaceful country life. I asked you to debate with me why I thought the Bypass is bad for Ramona, both residential and business. You did not want to publically debate me, you said you would rather "chew glass" rather than bring all your facts and opinions to an open forum and discuss. Instead, you chose to continuously make hateful statements not only to me but others. Years ago, in Vietnam, I defended your right to say what you wish by getting shot at.. .....and I would do it all again. So go ahead Cahak and continue your comments, say what you wish at the next RCPG meerting....its your right. Lastly, there are a number of Mussey Grade residents that are very upset at what you want to do with "Dye Street," part of your South Bypass. My offer still stands, lets meet and debate like gentlemen do.....you can bring the FBI, the Sheriff, etc.; we can use them as judges of our debate.
Joe Cahak April 29, 2014 at 04:11 PM
My mission is to end your reign as Ramona bully. I will make my case at RCPG and the sheriff will be there to make sure you can't harass us again like last time.
Joe Minervini May 03, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Cahak, I was at the last cpg meeting and was looking forward to hearing what you had to say. I would still like to meet with you because, as I've said before, we could probably learn from each other. If not, at least try to communicate. We can meet at the Par Lounge at your convienience. I am especially interested in the Federal Highway Administration maps you refer to that could make certain Ramona roads elegible for Federal funding. Joe 619/204-0391
Joe Cahak May 05, 2014 at 08:49 PM
Sorry I had work to do. I will not meet with you for anything. I will be at the next meeting to make my point against CFARR and you at RCPG. I don't operate on your schedule Joe and I certainly hold you in no respect nor desire to meet with. You had your chance to make the point with me and took the opportunity to be degrading. Why should I ever wish to meet with you? You do not represent anything for our community and you and your group of disgruntles have made quite a bad impression for the whole community. After you made such degrading public comments against me, I turned it all around on you and made it VERY public. It didn't take much for your real self and hostility came out. Maybe if you stop threatening people up close and personal, you might change your image. I stand for our RCPG and against your continual hostile false representations. You have made your point and I am making mine. I purposely put the target on my back just to let you make the point for the whole community about you and CFARR. You did admirably to destroy any credibility as community minded people, now enjoy the consequences Mr. Minervini. It will be over when you end your campaign of hostility against RCPG, this community and members of the public wishing to attend and be a part of RCPG. You can stop the intimidation and harassment at RCPG.


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