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Alex Nall April 21, 2014 at 09:57 AM
Mr. Cahak- not biased, I just don't think its fair to just slam anyone that doesn't agree withRead Morewhat you say. If you go back and read my posts. You will find out I'm not on either side in my comments- unbiased in every comment. Just trying to make sure everyone can keep an open mind and inform the community of whats going on. The actions of a few (RCPG) can effect a whole town! We just need to make sure everyone knows whats going on.
Joe Cahak April 21, 2014 at 10:38 AM
Mr. Minervini had his chance to be a gentleman and refused. He is the one who started the slander,Read Moreh arassment and threats. I find the attempt to put it back on me laughable. You only need to go look at Mr. Minervini and the rest of the CFARR's group posts on the Ramona Sentinel. Disgusting and most disrespectful to any. So when Mr. Minervini can stop acting like Big Man on Campus and stop trying to fool the community about what he and CFARR represents then I will stop. I have much more than just Mr. Minervini's actions at the planning group and his threats against public and RCPG members. Oh yes there is much more. I fully intend to expose Mr. Minervini and his group for just exactly what they are. See you at the RCPG meeting where CFARR will get "SPECIAL" mention in the public record. Oh also I see the Sentinel has left Mr. Minervini's and Ms Chapmann's comments are still there and will be linked to by my guest editorial so the whole community can see just what kind of special Mr. Minervini and CFARR really are. Thank you Mr. Minervini. I could not have stated your real position better than you did yourself. As to the RCPG meeting instead of the street corner Mr. Minervini suggested, I prefer the RCPG where I can have the whole community as spectators as well as have it entered into the public record. Come one, come all, should be a great drama for all. Unfortunately mr. Minervini I will be asking that the sheriff be there to keep things safe for all.
Joe Minervini April 21, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Cahak, You seem to have a personal mission to say everything bad about myself. Lets recap a bit:Read MoreI have always been in support of keeping Ramona rural. I have been against running major roads thru rural neighborhoods. The South Bypass could cut thru my backyard and other Ramona residents' properties. It was YOU and certain members of the RCPG who wanted to invade my privacy and peaceful country life. I asked you to debate with me why I thought the Bypass is bad for Ramona, both residential and business. You did not want to publically debate me, you said you would rather "chew glass" rather than bring all your facts and opinions to an open forum and discuss. Instead, you chose to continuously make hateful statements not only to me but others. Years ago, in Vietnam, I defended your right to say what you wish by getting shot at.. .....and I would do it all again. So go ahead Cahak and continue your comments, say what you wish at the next RCPG meerting....its your right. Lastly, there are a number of Mussey Grade residents that are very upset at what you want to do with "Dye Street," part of your South Bypass. My offer still stands, lets meet and debate like gentlemen do.....you can bring the FBI, the Sheriff, etc.; we can use them as judges of our debate.
Joe Cahak April 16, 2014 at 10:37 AM
I will believe that when certain members of CFARR will start behaving in a more civil and lessRead Morehosti le manner. They have taken EVERY opportunity to be hostile, abusing, slanderous and unethical. They have used innuendo, mis-information and hostility to try to bully their agenda thru the RCPG. They have created a VERY hostile atmosphere at RCPG and some of those elected members feel very intimidated and threatened by this small group of people because of their tactics. Many Ramona folks (good people) do not even want to run because of this hostility and abuse. I am all for speaking out on topic. We all have that right, but when citizens use the tactics this group of people have to hold this planning group hostage and threaten them, then enough is enough. I will not let them continue to speak and represent themselves this way to our planning group without backlash. I intend to continue to call out this groups hostile and abusive tactics and false representations.
Alex Nall April 16, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Are you sure these are false representations? Have you taken a poll of the Ramona residents toRead Morefind out their concerns? I never recieved any notification of the intended results of theses meetings! Lets inform the community and let them speak. Its only $100 you in?
Ada Wildberger April 21, 2014 at 08:04 PM
Gentlemen, Your passions are clearly felt by any who may have read more than a couple of yourRead Morecommu nications. Surely, this surge of energy could be used in more productive results. It is fine--even welcome and engaging--to have varying opinions and in this particular situation, a structured format to express these opinions. Gentlemen, surely, we are better than this...
Gail Yanda April 07, 2014 at 04:55 PM
It only takes $5.00 and about five minutes of your time to make someone happy and less hungry thisRead MoreE aster Season. Let's all show that we care.
Drew S. March 30, 2014 at 01:48 PM
Joe, that fact is that we HAVE met in the past, and nothing more can be gained from meeting.Read MoreUnfortu nately, your mission to dismantle the south bypass will ultimately impact the safety of citizens of Ramona and specifically the Estates, as they traverse the roads to get home. At least, if you're successful, you can take solace in knowing that at least your property values weren't affected, should anyone be killed driving the roads you lobbied against improvement to.
Joe Minervini March 30, 2014 at 03:23 PM
Drew S.....I DO NOT remember US meeting. You say nothing more can be gained from meeting withRead Moreme... .that sounds like you do not wish to uphold your beliefs with facts but wish to continue to write untruths sitting behind and hiding behind your computer screen. Shame on you. What I asked is for you to divulge who you are and be brave and meet me soon. Your statement about the safety of Ramona is totally off base. But until you have the courage to debate the issue, eyeball to eyeball, I will have nothing more to do with a wimp that wishes to demean people in writing. My uncle gave his life in North Africa with the U.S.Army during WWII and I got shot at in Vietnam to give people like you the right to speak freely in this Great Country and I'd do it again....even for people like you. Again, my number is 619/204-0391. Put up or shut up. P.S.: I do support the upcoming improvements on San Vicente and although I do not think it will have any significant effect on deaths due to drunk/distracted/inexperienced drivers nor bad weather conditions. I do pray there will be no more on San Vicente. Did you ever get up at the many meetings to speak in favor of the San Vicente improvements ? Out. (that's military talk for "conversation is over.")
Drew S. March 30, 2014 at 04:40 PM
Then, Joe, I suggest we leave it at that. I did my public service for the RCPG, spoke many, manyRead Moretim es in favor (and voted for) road improvements, and chaired the T&T group. Yes, we met. We spoke several times. And I have no further interest in discussion because we have two opposing positions on this matter which likely will not change.